Mac Solutions SA is a Swiss Information Technology company operating since 1998.  It offers its customers services and solutions in various specialist areas.  The customer of Mac Solutions is the medium and large private company or public administration; main markets are: finance, telecommunications, industry, utilities, central and local government.

The company's approach is to be a "consultant partner" that understands and supports to the interests of its clients.  Mac Solutions solves problems like: technology selection, review of business processes, lack of specialized personnel, market analysis and search for the best knowledge-holders and solutions available.


We are Visionaries
We are
We are Achievers.

We always look forward to surpass ourselves and achieve unmatched results. 
We believe in it and carry out our thought with perseverance, technique and dedication.
We guide our clients to get results. We are constantly improving our relationship with them, as people and as partner. We ground our ideas and intuitions by always combining technical skills with innovation and vision, without loosing  sight of sustainability


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Since 20 years your trusted Swiss partner for IT services and solutions.