Mac Solutions is your trusted consultant for Salesforce, thanks to its partnership with eXperience Cloud Consulting, the Italian market leader on Salesforce.

Mac Solutions offers and supports in Switzerland Salesforce, the world's number one customer management solution,.

Salesforce is way more than just a CRM for sales - it's a solution for managing the entire enterprise-customer relationship, in all its moments, from prospecting to loyalty.


The force of integration for managing the Customer Lifecycle.

Salesforce has a simple, integrated and modular approach: with a 360° view and a whole range of solutions, it allows to manage every moment of the commercial cycle, from the demand generation through prospecting and acquisition to the loyalty and the user support.

The robustness of Salesforce: its Back Office

Salesforce's Back Office components ensure productivity and process and quality control:


The planning and control concept in Salesforce is supported by a rich set of

- Reports & statistics
- AI
- Surveys


The marketing / marketing automation components and the specific supporting tools allow you to set up and maintain a high level communication with the customer, with the appropriate frequency, throughout the life cycle of the relationship - allowing you to acquire and then retain the customer

Quality in the relationship with the customer

The service components and the specific tools to support them help to provide a Customer Experience that is always up to standard, even after the sale, and to maintain a high image of the company in this respect as well.

Flexibility that originates from architecture

Salesforce is inherently multi-device and multi-channel. And it's Cloud, just Cloud.

A MarketPlace is available with a very wide choice of ready-made APPs to effectively support future application introduction, development and changes.

The wide User Community available to suppliers and customers provides a continuous stimulus for further ideas, applications and solutions.


For medium and small companies, Salesforce offers a specific solution, scalable in the future, to accompany the growth of the company.

The strategic value of Salesforce

For the present:

Thanks to the many modules, Salesforce can be tailored to the needs of the moment. To have today, ready for the present business, the solution capable of making the difference - today.

For the future:

Thanks to its modular and flexible structure, Salesforce is ready to adapt and follow all future business developments. To accompany every adaptation imposed by the rapid evolution of markets and business, as an enabling factor, and not as a limiting element. To make a difference in the future too.


Mac Solutions Services for Salesforce

Management Consulting

Business consulting services for the optimal development of CRM processes by means of and with the Salesforce platform. To adapt, consolidate and optimize your processes and services.
Get the most out of Salesforce

System Integration

System integration services to design the architecture, insert it into your system landscape and introduce the best customized solution for you.
For safe and secure operation with Salesforce

System Migration

Do you already have another CRM system? We offer all the necessary porting services from your previous system to Salesforce, taking over the task end-to-end.
So that you don't have to renounce to Salesforce

Training and education

Targeted, customized user training services to make users safely move between your Salesforce applications and solutions
For an effective use of Salesforce


To whom is the Salesforce / Mac Solutions proposal addressed?

The Salesforce solution and services offered by Mac Solutions are targeted at customers of all types: large and medium enterprises, central and local public organizations, associations. Any entity that has to manage customer relations and wants to make a difference in this respect.

Make the difference with Salesforce